Thursday, 15 November 2007


The dreaded OFSTED inspection is over, and they judged us to be an "Outstanding school with some exceptional features" and my department (Special needs Department) got a special mention as "Exceptional"

This is always a tense time for anyone involved in education but it gives a weird sense of satisfaction to have achieved such an accolade from the government inspectors.#

we were told today that one of the inspectors had a jaw dropping experience with our students and they were blown away by how great our school is. I have no idea what that "jaw dropping experience" was but I intend to find out lol

Sunday, 11 November 2007

checking in

Been having a break from card making for a while cos things have been hectic at work, getting a little stressed now cos we are being inspected at work to morrow and Tuesday(The dreaded OFSTED). Can't wait til thats over and I hope I will get back to making a few more cards afterwards. WATCH this space.