Saturday, 15 September 2007

Thursday, 13 September 2007



lol I just had to share the laugh I had from the card Col got me.

it says "It's a fact that as you get older you get hugged tighter................."

and inside..

"By your clothes!!!"

I laughed so hard I choked!!!!!
well its only half an hour into my birthday and I need some sleep before facing the day properly so goodnight and God bless.

Sunday, 9 September 2007

great start to term

well the first week of term is over and what a week it has been! We returned to celebrations to find our school has acheived an overall 66% of students acheiving 5 A*-C grades in GCSEs. That is the highest level ever and this year group has been described as the hardest year group we have taught.

But even more of a celebration for me was to find that several of our special needs students who did not expect to recieve any GCSEs have acheived well. Some of them getting as many as 4 grade Cs. It is wonderful to welcome them back into 6th form.

New staff have joined our team and seem to be settling well and getting on with existing staff. I was pleased to find that one of these new TAs has served a year as an apprentice in a local church and he has offered to help me with the Christian union which is exciting in itself.

Church has also been uplifting and encouraging. One of our young people has acheived amazing resutls gaining A* in all but two subjects in her GCSEs and even in these two she got As. We have learned that she came among the top five students in the country in her marks. WOW what an acheivement.

Our parish now has a new vicar and his first few services seem to show promise that he will be a great leader. This week we have been encouraged to have great vision in serving God in His power. today we set the date for our next praise and worship evening which is to be on 29th September, preparations for that begin next week.

I have also set a date to begin a craft group to bless our church members and friends with cards of blessing and encouragemnent at difficult times. Who knows what avenues of service this will lead to but its good to be using our gifts and talents to bless those around us.

Let's hope it continues as well as it has started.

Monday, 3 September 2007

Mickey and Minnie anniversary card.

hi there,
I made this card last week and can put it here now as they have received it
I did try to resist using the mickey Cartridge again but I failed. I just couldnt resist this gorgeous image of Mickey and Minnie hugging as it is so perfect for an anniversary card.
this is a silver wedding anniversary card for my friends Sylvia and Graham. 25 years!! Syl if you had killed him you would have been well out by now!!!! you deserve a medal!

Anyway Mickey and Minnie are cut at 5" and boy are they fiddly to put together! there is no way I could do them any smaller. The heart shaped card is made by cutting two hearts at 5 1/2" and fastening them together. Mickey and Minnie are placed so that the whole card is supported on their feet. It doesn't show up very well in the picture but the white ribbon across the corner has "Happy Anniversary " written across it in silver. And I finished off with rhinestones on her shoes and ribbon.
Once again I wish Graham and Sylvia God's richest blessings on their anniversary which is tomorrow and pray for many happy years to come ahead of them. Go celebrate my friends you deserve it.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Blackpool Chatroom meet up

Yesterday was the big Christian chat meet up in Blackpool.
we chose a great day for it, the sun was cracking the flags although it was a tad windy.

I met up with Kat(Gymnast) Jamie(Jammie Dodger) and Miriam(Sunrise) along with 3 other members of their family at the hotel right on time. Introductions followed while they continued getting ready to go out.

On the walk to central pier we were welcomed to Blackpool by Godzilla crashing over the rooftops.(not really but hey it sounds good)We met up with Steve(MagicmanS and Andrew(Strummer) on the pier and pursuaded Miriam and Kat to accompany me and Neil (Miriams youngest son) onto the Blackpool eye which is just a glorified ferris wheel really.That was hilarious as Miriam was terrified and her face will never be forgotten. We then proceeded to give each other whiplash injuries on the dodgem cars, it's amazing how much aggression comes out between a bunch of friends as soon as they get in those things lol it was fun.

Miriam was true to her word and pinched the fellas bums at every opportunity. I think Steve was quite traumatised by that experience. We enjoyed a lovely fish and chip lunch followed by the Dr Who exhibition, in which Steve found a portrait of himselfand Greg found the company a bit slithery.Greg and Kat got carried away in the tardisand Neil got a little choked by the clockwork man.Later while shopping Andrew had an identity crisis and couldnt remember whether he is Welsh or Scottishand it rubbed off on poor Neil.

we said our goodbyes to Andrew who went to join his family and went back to The hotel for a meal, after Steve had secured his room for the night. Jamie then proceeded to beat me at Pool after the greatest comeback in all time. he started off rubbish having only potted one ball to my six but then proceeded to down them all when I only had the black left. But not before he bet me a tenner I couldnt get myself out of a snooker situation which I did with no problem. I wont let him forget he owes me that tenner.

The meal was lovely- real Italian pizza yummmmmmKat and Miriam were all dolled up at this point

I decided to drive through the illuminations while the others went by tram up to the ball room so I could then continue my long journey home.

lots of hugging as we said our goodbyes, but before I was able to join the illuminations traffic Greg was asleep so I decided it was a waste of time going through that incredibly long and slow queue of traffic and just went home.

It was a very long but very satisfying day of fun and friendship meeting up with people I have got to know so well in the chat room.

Looking forward to the next one.