Sunday, 9 September 2007

great start to term

well the first week of term is over and what a week it has been! We returned to celebrations to find our school has acheived an overall 66% of students acheiving 5 A*-C grades in GCSEs. That is the highest level ever and this year group has been described as the hardest year group we have taught.

But even more of a celebration for me was to find that several of our special needs students who did not expect to recieve any GCSEs have acheived well. Some of them getting as many as 4 grade Cs. It is wonderful to welcome them back into 6th form.

New staff have joined our team and seem to be settling well and getting on with existing staff. I was pleased to find that one of these new TAs has served a year as an apprentice in a local church and he has offered to help me with the Christian union which is exciting in itself.

Church has also been uplifting and encouraging. One of our young people has acheived amazing resutls gaining A* in all but two subjects in her GCSEs and even in these two she got As. We have learned that she came among the top five students in the country in her marks. WOW what an acheivement.

Our parish now has a new vicar and his first few services seem to show promise that he will be a great leader. This week we have been encouraged to have great vision in serving God in His power. today we set the date for our next praise and worship evening which is to be on 29th September, preparations for that begin next week.

I have also set a date to begin a craft group to bless our church members and friends with cards of blessing and encouragemnent at difficult times. Who knows what avenues of service this will lead to but its good to be using our gifts and talents to bless those around us.

Let's hope it continues as well as it has started.

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Anonymous said...

thats great about your group kazz, and also so great the special needs pupils done so well xx