Sunday, 11 November 2007

checking in

Been having a break from card making for a while cos things have been hectic at work, getting a little stressed now cos we are being inspected at work to morrow and Tuesday(The dreaded OFSTED). Can't wait til thats over and I hope I will get back to making a few more cards afterwards. WATCH this space.


Margo Writer said...

Hope everything went okay at work. I know you were a bit nervous about it.

And congrats on the card that got recognition! :) I hope you took a picture of the hedgehog card for Phoebe. That is one of coolest cards I have ever seen. She loves it. She put it on display on her little shelf with her four hedgehog plush toys. lol

Kazz said...

ooooooh Margo I did take a pic of that card but for some reason I took the photo of it BEFORE I added her name!!

If you could please take another pic for me and send it to me I would be soooo grateful lol

So glad she liked it!!