Saturday, 20 October 2007


ok so the blog has been neglected lately but its not my fault I gave in to all u nutters that kept inviting me to facebook!!
But anyway I had to come back here 'cos at last I can tell you all about the honour I got way back in August.

I belong to a world wide craft forum, in this forum are posts from many many talented card makers from all over the world. Its a great community of crafters, Many of whom are designers for craft magazines and such and its obvious when you see the talent on the boards.

I love to share the things I make on there. The members are so encouraging but also honest I know if I ask for constructive criticism on a project they will give me loads of ideas on how to improve it.

Anyway once a month they publish a newsletter and one of the items in it is recommended posts to look at on the forum, out of all the posts that month they choose maybe 6 to recommend and commend and I was so honoured when one of my cards got chosen.

I was sooo excited back then I was dying to tell everyone but I couldn't!

The reason being that the card chosen was one I had made for Miriam (Sunrise) to give to Katrina(Gymnast) on her birthday. Kats Birthday is today so I couldnt show her card til she had seen it.

I made several of thse fairy cards but here is the one that was commended on the cricut forum newsletter, (Wow such an honour)

Its a large card (A4 folded)
the lilac at the bottom is embossed with tiny bubbles and the name is backed and shadowed with a darker blue very like that in the top of the fairies skirt.

Tha fairy image is decoupaged, (Built up into a 3D image) with glitter added.


Anonymous said...

see kazz, even the imprtant ppl are now sharing in your talent i cant wait till my birthday (jan 19th) so i can get a lovely card from you (you dont have to send one) but .........I WANT ONE NOW!!! lol xxx

Anonymous said...

Aww Kazz that's SO sweet! You clever sausage you :)

Fe-Fe said...

Such a pretty card. So sweet.