Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Proud Mum's boasting time

hi friends,

I got a lovely surprise the other day.

On Saturday, Jump4Joy (Church outreach to People with disabilities) went to visit the college where my son and other members of the group attend. We went into the gallery and found two items which my Greg has made on sale in there. I was speechless, just staring at the first one I saw and then Greg dragged me round to show me the other one and I was even more gobsmacked they are BOTH gorgeous!

Then I got a bigger shock when I saw the price on them. they are both being sold for £50 each!!!

heres a picture of Greg and the two items he made. Thinking a bit of creativity has rubbed off on him after all.


Lana said...

Wow Kazz he has done a fantastic job he is so creative (wonder who he takes after)!I love them both and what a great selling price.
Tell him from me they are wonderful.

michelle said...

wow these look fantastic !! a true artist in the making and such wonderful creativity !! please congratulate him from me and tell him very well done !!!

Kathy said...

You most be very proud! He did an awesome job and please tell him congrats for me.

Fe-Fe said...

What a talented son you have there. They are great pieces of art. I bet you are so proud and so you should be. A wonderful acheivement. I wish I could sell my cards at that price! :-)

Enfys said...

Gosh Kazz, like mother, like son. What great photos, you must be so proud of him.

Jadie said...

Wow they really are amazing!
I love the Blue one, they all just look FAB!!
Tell him to get making more lol,
hes got Talent!

crissi said...

wow these are fntastic i think the first one is my fave although i love them both.

Tell him welldone from me to

zopeloti said...

You have yourself a very creative young man.