Wednesday, 8 July 2009

I'm rubbish at Blogging lol

lol ok so Im rubbish at blogging. July already and this is just my second post this year!!!! And I started out so well too. This year has been weird. Either there is so much happening that I don't have time to blog, or things are so quiet that I never think of blogging cos nothing is happening.

Hmm well whats happened lately?? Back in May I had the best holiday ever! I visited my friend in Shetland, (for my foreign friends that is a lovely island north of Scotland). the scenery there is stunning! here are a few pics

These are puffins and they are so used to people that I didnt need to zoom in they really were this close to me!
These seals were enjoying the sunshine and then came and swam round our boat.

This is Carol's house where I stayed, it is set in a beautiful valley with two lochs on front of it! Paradise!!!!!

Me on the shore. There were so many inlets of the sea, it was difficult to tell whether a body of water was lake or sea!! I figured out if its got boats on it then it is the sea. Shetland people dont bother putting boats on lakes.

This is my friend Carol who I went to stay with, she is the best host ever and I didn't want to come home.

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