Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Fab card made by Emma

This is a fab card that my mate Emma made (under some instruction).

She did such an amazing job of it, lol she really has caught the craft bug.


eana said...

damn beautiful card!..if i wnt to buy it for my wedding..will u make it?.500 much the price will be?

Kazz said...

hi eana and thank you for your comments. Yes this is a beautiful card and I would be glad to make one for you. I usually charge £4 plus post and packing.

I'm not sure if I was reading your post properly. did u mean you would like 500 of these?? if so I don't think I can. My cards are all handmade and this particular design takes a long time to make.

Please get back to me if you would like one or two of these. I could do 500 of a more basic design,

Thanks again. Kazz

Pat said...

I just had to comment on this last card. My parents names were Roy and Louise and they were married for 49 years when my Dad passed in 1985 but i only just lost my Mother a few years ago. Thank you for being able to see thier names together like that again. Pretty card.

Kazz said...

Thanks for your comments Pat. I love to hear when my cards mean something special to people and I am sure Emma(who made this one) will be pleased too. Gpd bless you.