Sunday, 6 March 2011

New Addition to the family

hmmm ok I've been rubbish at keeping this up yet again! Can't believe its nearly a year since my last update. a lot has happened in that time, but the most important thing was very recent. I became a Grandmother!!!!

My beautiful daughter Rebekah gave birth to her beautiful little girl Rachael Lily Annabel on 8th February 2011 and she weighed in at 7lb 8oz. Mother and baby are both doing well. Rachael is gorgeous!!! But then I am just a little biased in that opinion.
Here are a few photos to show how the family are all besotted with her.

this is her with Mum, it's so weird to think that my baby now has a baby!!

Grandad is in love again! lolHere is a very proud uncle Lewis trying hard to look cool, but you can tell she has melted his heart too.

Rachael was just 4 hours old when this was taken! I was in awe of the miracle of new life yet again!

Another very proud uncle. this is my Greg he is totally besotted with her! Can't you tell?

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