Friday, 22 June 2007

Lister's last night in UK

ok this one is also a bit late, but not as late as the last one.

The plan was for JM to meet Lister at 6pm in Liverpool. JM was 4 minutes late but that was ok cos Lister was a LOT later. I had planned to meet them both at the museum at 6.30, however since Lister had not turned up by then I decided to go meet them at the station instead/ WHAT A MISTAKE !!!!!!! Liverpool is a huge building site right now and the usual pick up point of Lime street station is out of bounds.

I decide to drive round to the other side of Lime Street and see if there is any parking over there.
I get to the junction to go up the other side and find loads of "No right turn" signs so I change lanes and go straight on. however in my mirror I see lots of cars turning right. "How Strange" I think to myself. Next I come to a new junction which says turn right for Lime street so I turn right, only to find myself faced with 3 LANES OF ONCOMING TRAFFIC!!! I panic and mount the kerb to avoid a disaster. I sit there shaking for a few minutes then as the traffic clears I do a U turn and go back. As I come off the kerb I feel the car bottoming on it and start to worry, the car is making strange noises from the rear.

I make my way back to the museum car park and phone JM. Lister is STILL not in so I phone home and ask col to give me Jans phone number off our computer. when I get through she says she put Lister on the train at 2pm. Where could he be? in the mean time I have to top my credit up and I am getting loads of random texts from different people.

I decide to be brave and try get to Lime street again as there are no parking spaces at the museum. This time I make it safe and park in the station car park.
When I finally meet up with JM I am shaking and have a banging headache. I told JM about the car and he says he hopes its ok too.

Lister FINALLY ARRIVES at 7.30 and ask did I get the text. At this point I look blank like a typical blonde. He had got some stranger to text me to tell us he would be late in. But in the chaos I hadnt picked up that text. Anyway panic over we go to wetherspoons for a lovely meal and chat. After we ordered our meals JM left the pub and went in search of some pain killers for me (He's such a sweet guy). Lister shows off his UK photos and tells us all about his adventures while we laugh at his discovery that you dont need three bathrooms to survive! before we take him on a whistle stop tour of Liverpool.

We take in St Georges Hall, both Cathedrals, the Liver buildings, the Radio city tower and of course Pier head where Lister gets a glimpse of Wirral and sees for himself the big river between my home and Scouseland.

then begins the epic journey to Manchester. I'm listening hard for the noise in the car again and am relileved that it is nowhere near as bad as it was earlier. We make it to Mancs where we dropped Lister off at 11pm. On the way home I express my relief about the car not making those awful noises any more and JM tells me he was praying form the minute we got in the car. After returning via Liverpool I finally rolled into my drive at about 12.30 KNACKERED but glad the evening ended better than it bagan.

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I agree ... JM's sweet. ;)