Friday, 22 June 2007

Passion ! a bit late

ook so I said right from the start that I would be rubbish at keeping this up.

hhm whats happened since then ??
yes I know it was ages ago ! 10th June actually lol but wow it was awesome

Took my friend Paula with me which was fab as its absolutely AGES since we had a good chat.
the bands were fab

Replenish, LZ7, TBC Burn Band, Cathy Burton, 100 hours, were great but the highlights were

Y Friday (One of my all time fave bands)

I had never heard of Salvador so wasn't sure what to expect but WOW you gotta be impressed with a band that can get a crowd dancing to their very long sound check while they sort out microphone problems. they were AWESOME !!!!!! Very fast beat dance style Latino Music.

Then the one I had been waiting for JACI VELAZQUEZ -- WOW she has a voice like an angel! she is married to the lead singer of Salvador and they play sooo well for her, but then we get an added bonus. She invites them to join her and sing a piece together . They said its their first joint gig well THEY NEED TO DO MORE!!!! cos together they ROCKED !!!!!!!

the night drew to a close with the awesome vibes of DELIRIOUS?

wow have you ever had the feeling of being trransported directly into the presence of almighty God ????

well worshipping along with "Majesty" followed by their new version of "Our God Reigns" did just that for me.

While Jaci was singing I turned to my friend and said "is it just the clothes or is she pregnant?
Paula reckoned it was just the fashion she wore but as the night drew on I became more convinced she is pregnant but she said nothing. Next morning I hear her interviewed on UCB and sure enough she announced she is 4 months pregnant!

We had a great day over all and my friend Paula went home with an extra child she sponsored with compassion UK, shes a little worried about how her partner will react to the amount of money she has committed, but I'm sure he will understand.

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