Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Hubby's Birthday

Sunday was Col's birthday he is now 60!!!!!! boy that makes me feel old to be married to a 60yr old! Celebrations were quiet with just family going out for a nice meal together. Hopefully we will get a weekend away later in the year when the weather is a bit better.

The card I made him doesnt look like anything special really but its very personalised. Col had a cataract removed from his eye recently and is amazed at the improvement in his sight! Its better than its been since he was a teenager. he has worn glasses since he was 12 and now doesnt need them at all on his left eye and next month when they operate on his right eye he wont need glasses at all any more. As you can imagine this is a big deal for him and has given him a real boost so his card had to reflect this big change in his life.

I cut his name out in a frame using the cricut design studio, I covered the name in a layer of vellum so it looked hazy and underneath is an oval with the words "you may be over the hill"

on the third section of the trifold card is a cut out of a hill with the number 60 falling off it and another oval with words "but at least you can see your way down!" This was also cut with DS but is kept uncovered to show the improvement in his sight.


Chrissy said...

This is to funny! Glad to see your feeling better, I remeber you saying awhile back around the holidays you weren't feeling well.

Kazz said...

yeah Chrissy thanks, I am finally back on form. I am not used to being sick I'm usually the one standing by watching everyone else suffer so three weeks was a bit much for me! I was beginning to think it would never end.

looking forward to getting back into crafting again lol.

Fe-Fe said...

How lovely and so personal for him and funny too. Everything all rolled into one!

Enfys said...

Great card Kazz - happy birthday Col!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday col, lovely card kazz, and ty again so much for mine gbu xxxxx

Anonymous said...

happy bday col, great card kazz and ty for mine gbu xxx