Thursday, 7 February 2008

Catalyst 1

well at last I have seen my prayers answered regarding some real evangelism happening at SJP (the School where I work)

YFC staged an event called Catalyst and used the school premises to do so. It is an ongoing initiative intended to bring the youth of Wirral together and to encourage and equip them to go out into the world and spread the good news about Jesus and his amazing plan for our lives. To raise up a generation of Young disciples prepared to stick their necks out to declare their faith to the world.

Well it happemed last Saturday and it was incredible. there were over 300 young people there and a team of about 60 volunteers to see that the whole thing went smoothly. There were two live bands playing lively Worship music, Video presentations. A challenge to social action to put our faith to work in the world, a Talent/testimony spot a challenging message and a call to prayer where young people responded by coming forward for prayer with the ministry team and asking for God to equip them for the task he is preparing them for.

God's presence in that place was so intensely obvious. It was awesome and has taken me all week to come back down to Earth lol

here is the Catalyst website

All I can say is WOW Bring it on !!! Come on Lord let's get on with the next one (Which is in April)

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maryroberts said...

That's fantastic Kazz! We're about to go prayer visiting at our church starting in April. Pray God moves in Medway too! Worship03