Monday, 17 March 2008

Easter card for swap group

hi friends,

I organise a card swap on the cricut message board and this months theme was Easter of course.

To me Easter is the most important celebration of the year so I wanted to capture the true meaning, because of this everything on this card is symbolic in some way of the meaning of easter.

The colour scheme of Red and white is significant in that, because of Easter the bible says
"Though your sins be as scarlet they shall be washed whiter than snow" and encapsulates the reason for Easter. (Woohoo freeeeeeeeeee from guilt, it is soo good to have the assurance of forgiveness)

The central icon of the cross is three layered to make it stand out and signifies that God (3 in1) made that huge sacrifice on the cross for me.

The egg is probably the best known symbol of easter and signifies that out of something that appears so dead and cold comes new life.

The butterflies are most definitely my favourite symbol of new and transformed life and stand for the transformation that comes about in a persons life when they know Christ and His transforming power.

I wish you all a happy Easter and pray that you too will know the blessings that God can extend to us because of Christ's amazing sacrifice. WOW his love is amazing!

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Ginny said...

His love is truly amazing,Kazz. And it is always with us! I love this card and what it symbolizes. Thanks for sharing this.