Friday, 14 March 2008

seven random things about me (I've been tagged)

I've been tagged
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ok seven random facts about me.

1 I am so crazy about butterflies and moths that I ince had a pet moth for all of the two weeks of its life as a moth. Monty was an atlas moth (google it lol its big)

2. I am English born and bred and have never left the British Isles not even for a holiday.

3. I have been married to Col for 23 years now and since I was 19 when we married thats way more than half my life time.

4. I have 3 grown up children. Rebekah is 22 and married, Lewis is 19 and Greg is 21 but he will always be my baby as he has Down's syndrome and is soo loveable I never want him to be far from home.

5. I am an active christian and love to sing praises to my God, because of this I help to lead worship at my church by singing in our worship group.

6. I love papercraft and card making (But if you are reading this blog you will know that already lol)

7. I work as a teaching assistant in a busy high school.

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Sharon Caudle said...

Hi Kazz!!

Thanks for thinking of me! These are so much fun. It was great getting to know you a little better!! :)

Fe-Fe said...

Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself. It's always nice to get to know blogging friends a little better.

Regina Easter said...

HI Kazz, thanks so much for tagging are very sweet.....i love your blog...great job...I will try to do the random thing whenever I can get a break...hugs...

Enfys said...

Great to know a bit more about you Kazz. Thanks for sharing x