Sunday, 19 October 2008

October, shaky start but getting better

well October got off to a bad start this year I was soo ill!!

I cant remember ever being that ill. It was a chest infection but gave the worst fluey symptoms I have ever had. High temperatures, fever, sweating, no sleep lack of appetite, shakes and a cough that gave me brain ache. Hubby tried to cheer me up with Chocolate which just made me vomit. Oh I was so miserable that week. The First course of antibiotics got rid of the fever and sweating but still coughing and not sleeping, so went straight onto second course of antibiotics which did kill it off after another week. I have never been so happy to be back at work lol.

The following week things got better. I went away with yr 7 at school. (200 11 yr olds at an outward bounds camp). We had a fabulous time and did abseiling which I was sooo thrilled to do (Wow what an adrenaline rush), climbing, archery, (in which I nearly killed a sheep when my arrow went over the barrier) and caving which baffles me how anyone can take pleasure in crawling round narrow, dark , damp tunnels underground!!, but hey the kids enjoyed it so thats great.

Also on this trip I discovered a new skill which I didn't know I had. I was in charge of a dormitory of boys which consisted of 5 rooms each with 4 boys in them. one of the nights a lad in my dorm was having trouble breathing and it turned out he was asthmatic but his Dr had told him he didnt need his inhaler any more so he didnt have it with him. Well after a quick prayer for help I settled the four lads into bed and did a relaxation reflection wit them, asking them to imagine they were in a nice green valley with a river running through. Enjoying a nice day with those they love. I concentrated their minds on various aspects of the scene to relax him and help him breath clearly. I finished by praying for the Lord to keep his airways clear so he could breath through the night. It worked like a dream and they all drifted off into a deep sleep. Next morning when I checked on them they all asked "Miss, did you hypnotise us last night? It was dead good I slept really well." After I stopped laughing I explained that was an answer to my prayer.
It was a lovely few days away and the boys in my dorm were so well behaved it was a pleasure to be with them.

Back home now and glad to be back in my own bed at night things are getting even better. Hubby has cashed in a bit of his pension so we are picking up our new car on Wednesday. Timing for that was perfect since his previous one has just packed in for good. And to top that he heard he is getting quite a bit more than he was expecting so he has bought me a new Cricut expression machine. OOOH Im so excited about that and cant wait to get it. Im sure that will mean even more cards to show off in here.

Ive not made very many this month with all thats been going on, but here are a couple to be going on with.

I did this one to use the scalloped circles which were given to me ages ago by a friend on the cricut message board. the "Youre in my prayers fitted so well into a circle to use them.

This one was for a card swap on the cricut message board and was made with my new Cricut cartridge (Storybook)

This one came about because of that lovely leaf and stem stamp. I added a gold circle on which I mounted the purple cuttlebug butterfly and a peel off tag mounted on copper cardstock, with hapy birthday in the middle. I added some lovely purple flowers to the top of the tag.

This one has been in my scraps box for ages I cut the border ages ago when I first got my border cutting set but then didnt know what to do with it cos I dont really like peach as a base colour. I saved it by adding the black background to contrast. and the copper butterflies too.


Lana said...

Hi Kazz,
So glad you are up and feeling better!!!
You sound as though you had it really bad. Glad you had a good time on the trip.
Beautiful cards!!!!
Lana x

~JulieH~ said...

Hi Kazz
Absailing!!!!! you brave girl!! Glad you're feeling better and the most exciting thing your getting the Expression!! I bet you can't wait to get it! Fabulous cards you've created!

Enfys said...

Glad you're better Kazz, it sounds as if your trip was excellent, and a wonderful story too. Your cards are beautiful.