Monday, 1 December 2008

Where did November go??

hmmm I seem to have lost a whole month!

It flew by because it was so busy lol not much crafting done.

It started with my nieces 18th Birthday party. It was great to catch up with family who I dont see very often. I even had a laugh trying to get her Dad (My brother Dan) to dance the macarena which was hilarious lol he had no chance of keeping up, he was way too drunk.

I had a weekend in Telford with my beloved, which was lovely even though the Saturday was spent walking round a model makers convention. the following weekend I spent in Glasgow with good friends which was a manic time. I arrived in Glasgow on Friday night at 10pm to find the city centre alive with revellers. I was met by Graham and we had a whacky time online in Christianchat til the early hours. Saturday we met up with many more friends from the chat room. Including many that I had not met before, and discovered that Emma, who calls me "Mum" is only 6 years younger than me! However that fact doesnt stop her calling me Mummy. hmmmm. It was lovely to finally meet John (AKA McTavish) It's really strange how you can meet someone for the first time and feel like you've known them all your life!

Church was great! I like the Scots tradition of having church on Saturday night and sunday mornings. Graham and Sylvias's church always make me feel so welcome. And we all had a great laugh when Graham was told he was going to be preaching on Sunday morning (12 hours notice is plenty lol). As usual god really spoke to me and has started a process of more change in me as a result.

The train journey home was great, really relaxing, until I got to Liveropool that is, when I found that the trains to Wirral were off and I had to get a bus!!

So that was November!! Busy busy Busy! there have been a few Birthdays in the meantime so here are a few cards I did manage to makeDo you see a theme?? lol Im really loving these panels from the storybook cricut cartridge and Im really glad I have the expression machine now cos Multicut makes these intricut cuts soo much easier.

Well now it's December and Im expecting this month to be even busier so not sure whe I will get a chance to post again. so in case I dont get back before the celebrations I want to wish you all a Peaceful and Joy filled Christmas.

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Ruelysi said...

Hi Kazz, the instructions to make the 3D noel card are now on my blog, my sister had to text me how she made this card with added pictures.