Sunday, 23 August 2009

The goodness of God

Well its been an eventful summer.I have been blessed with great friends in my life. Many of them unfortunately live a long way from me. However a couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of meeting up with a lot of them for an awesome weekend of fun and fellowship in Manchester. We laughed, we walked, we talked. We laughed some more and enjoyed good meals together. We chatted well into the night before retiring in our hotel and then enjoyed worshipping God together in church.

Many of these friends I had never met in person before (we are interneet chat pals). and yet that weekend it was like we had known each other for years a reunion between long standing friends. Some had burdens to share and we shared freely and bore each others burdens. This brought more love and freedom than we could have imagined. It has deepened our friendships.

We even had the privilege a few days later to see two of our friends finding a deeper assurance of love in Jesus as they gave their lives to Him. since then God is continuing to work on me. I am a complicated person lol he has a lot of work on His hands, but I am rejoicing that He is not shying away from the workload and has begun a new work in me.

He is an awesome God, and no matter how soiled I am, He loves me and He has cleansed me ready for His work. It will never cease to amaze me how God can use even me for His Kingdom. He is so powerful, so wonderful, so loving, so merciful.

WOW what can I say?? I love Him and I always will.

Here are some photos of the weekendSammy and Jon. A lovely couple who are looking forward to marriage next January. God bless you both, you are a beautiful couple.

Ritchie, Emma and Stacey. three wonderful friends who bring fun and laughter into my life as well as reminding me how great God is.

Dan and Lele - another lovely couple preparing to start their marriage next year. You can't help but giggle when these two are around they are such fun. Beautiful and loved children of God! what a joy to know them.

Lisa is a Mighty warrior for God. Satan watch out when this girl is around.
John is a well loved friend who loves God and shares that love with all he meets.

This is me and Emma. I thank God for sending me such an incredible blessing on my llife in this girl. She rocks. For my cricut friends. the card that got a mention in the Chirp (Give your troubles to God, he'll be up all night anyway) was for Emma.


Happychick said...

Aww kazz... I am moved by reading this Blog.. I agree what an amazing weekend we all had..
"A Mighty warrior for God" wow.. thats strong.
Thanks Kazz, I am growing in the Love of God each day, and aiming for more, asking for guidance from him in what I do. I trust him, I think he may be a bit mental trusting me to do his work mind but I will happily go with it.
If he has called me, then he knows what he's doing eh..
God bless you dear friend xxxx

Kazz said...

oh Lisa He DEFINITELY knows what He's doing in using you. I mean it When yu get out of bed Satan shouts oh noooooooooooo!!!

Happychick said...

So do many people Kazz rofl xx