Sunday, 23 August 2009

More of the goodness of God

Me and Christine my wee pal from Edinburgh. Ooh we had a giggle. Love ya loads Christine. one of these days we will go see Cliff together!!!
Lisa and Steve. Steve's a scouser and it shows. What a nutter!!!! He's a bringer of fun and laughter but also has a serious side. Steve I will never forget how God used you to bless me this weekend.
Graham the mad weegie (He's from Glasgow)
Carl came over from Ireland to join the madness on the mainland. Carl you are a joy to know. a real inspiration.
hmmmmm they were hearing voices! Adrian you do make me laugh and I love ya loads bro. and Steve my wee pal from over the water in Liverpool. I so needed a good giggle that weekend and you made sure I got it!!! thanks.

This is the third photo Lisa has shown up in so I wont say any more about her lol.

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Happychick said...

LOL Just looking at these pics makes me smile kazz, thank you for including me xx