Monday, 31 December 2007

2008 a year of hope?

hi folks,

right now I feel like I'm not gonna make it into 2008, I have flu and its really getting me down. I have been fighting this since before Christmas but managed to keep it at bay long enough to get through the fetivities at which I was expected to sing. I have my friends Elise to thank for that as she recommended these fab lozenges that worked miracles and gave me back my voice long enough to get through the services at church!

Christmas was lovely despite it all! We were expecting it to be very lonely as our daughter is married and we hardly see her now cos her husband won't give us the time of day. Then our youngest son announced he was spending Christmas day with his ex girlfriend. I was gutted at this cos he chose her above us when he's not even supposed to be going out with her any more. But at the last minute he realised how hurtful that was and changed his mind he spent Christmas day with us after all. Then in the afternoon Bekki turned up and stayed with us for a couple of hours too. It was a lovely day altogether. For the first time ever we actually got the turkey in the oven BEFORE going out to church so Christmas lunch was quite early and was cooked beautifully! The church service was really nice and it was good to greet our church family on that special day too. Everyone was delighted with their gifts and we went to visit my niece later in the evening. In every way the day was perfect!

That was last week. Now Col and I are both struck down big style, with headaches, stuffed up noses, sore throats and barking coughs. All we can do is lounge around on the sofa wrapped in blankets and just about manage to get up to make Greg his meals. It's Bekki's birthday today but we are too sick to go and see her and she is sick with it too.

Not sure if either of us will be awake at midnight but wish you all a wonderful new year filled with hope for the future and a deeper knowledge of, and relationship with our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.


Chrissy said...

I hope you get over the flu soon! Wish you happiness and good health in 2008.

Roxanne said...

I hope you are feeling better.I noticed the date on your post is 12/31/07.I truly hope you are not stil sick.


Kazz said...

hi Roxanne,

thanks for your comments but unfortunately I am still sick, its turned from flu to sinusitis now and I am signed off work til 16th.

I clicked on your name but it wouldnt allow me access to your blog. Do I know you?

Roxanne said...

HI Kazz,
I havent created a blog yet,but maybe in the near future.I linked here from the Cricut MB.I sure hope you are better soon.Hang in there.


Kazz said...

aah right I hope so too but intend to use this time off to get myself motivated and back into my card making. WATCH THIS SPACE lol