Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Back online and dont Kids say the strangest things !!

YAY I got my computer back!!!!

Well now I'm back I want to wish you all a Wonderful peace filled Christmas, and pray you all know the true Joy of this season.

I had a fab conversation with a kid at school the other day and I just gotta share it lol.

I have a habit of using words in conversation which I KNOW they won't understand and when they ask what it means I say "Go look it up"

Apart from winding them up which is always fun, this increases their vocabulary and helps the word stay in their long term memory. Anyway I used the word "Delinquent" with this lad in year 10 (Age 15 for my American friends) he found it means someone who flouts the law or doesn't pay his debts.

2 weeks later he came to me and said "Miss, we are all delinquents!"

I was confused and asked him how he had worked that out, and he proudly said "Because we all owe a debt to God and cannot pay it!"

I was gobsmacked! and so would you be if you knew this lad lol.

My reply after I picked my jaw up off the floor was "Thats why I thank God for Easter! and it sparked off a great conversation on how God had remedied that very problem.

Oh I love my job!!


Anonymous said...

awww kazzz, kids eh , my neice was at school the other day and was sick, she said aunty kirsty i was sick today i said why, she said blair had poked his tongue out and there was a big bogie on hte end, so she was literally sick all over her best mate kayla lol xxxxx

Kazz said...

lol good job she doenst come to my school she would see much worse than that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for blogging this story. I really liked hearing it in chat.

Fe-Fe said...

What a fab story, kids are great aren't they.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hugs Fe x