Thursday, 23 August 2007

GREAT Customer Services!

WOW Provocraft sure take customer services seriously !!

I told them about my problem with mats not lasting very well and that I have been through 12 mats since I got my cricut machine in March. They were fab and just said they can replace up to 6 of them but need a US address to send them to.

I gave them Listers address in VA a week ago and WOW! he has received them already!!

hopefully I should have them in time to get playing with my new Cartridge in September.

I'm absolutely gobsmacked at this Service! If that was a UK company they would have insisted on seeing receipts and asked me to return the faulty mats first- but no messing about with Provocraft.

WELL they have definitely won my loyalty!! I would recommend them to anyone.

They have me totally hooked on Cricut and Cuttlebug products!


Anonymous said...

Lol kazz, to be honest im not sure what all that stuff is , but its great u found a company that has good customer service, and i was gonna say , it cant be uk lol, im in the process of writing to a british compnay because of the customer service i have received gbu x

Kazz said...

rofl sorry Kirsty, I realise that post was a little unclear for those who do not share my passion/hobby. the Cricut is the cutting machine I use to cut out all the awesome shapes on my cards and they have had problems with faulty cutting mats(The mats are sticky to hold the card while cutting and they havent kept the stickiness very well)

Im so made up to be getting these replaced. The same company also makes cuttlebug embossing folders which give the awesome effect you can see on the blue card with the big letter G on it on my slide show.

That background with "Happy Birthday" over and over again in different directions is embossed, its 3D so when you run an ink pad over it, the ink looks stronger on the raised parts. that card was For Graham's birthday in July.

I know I'm rambling and you probably dont really wanna know this much detail but its sooo exciting for me!!

oh and Thanks for commenting on my blog hun, Funny thing is that all those who NAGGED me to blog more havent even bothered!!

annoying huh??