Sunday, 19 August 2007

Tear bear

not sure if I'm gonna actually get away for a holiday this year but I am enjoying being at home with the family and getting lots of time for crafting.

I even got to try a new technique today which turned out so cute. I have been contemplating making one of these for ages and saw the cutest one today and had to try it.

Here is my tear bear. he is made by simply tearing pieces of mulberry paper into appropriately shaped and sized pieces (Mostly just ovals).

I need more practice to get them right but Im quite pleased with this as my first attempt.


Emm said...

i think this scuffy bear is rather cute...... i just hope my birthday cards are as cute as this one!!!!

Anonymous said...

awww kazzz , your teddy is so cute ,will need to try little puppies next xxx