Tuesday, 7 August 2007

wedding part 2

I also spent a very hectic week putting together 90 order of services for the ceremony. this was nerve wracking as it had to be perfect. Do and Mike were very pleased with the results. I also created some place settings for the top table which were an extra surprise for them.

hmm I just realised I didnt take pics of the monkey gift tags I made for her to attach to the pressies for the two tiny tots involved in the wedding.

The last thing was of course their wedding card from me and my family. this was extra special. All 3D. and Do cried when her husband read out the various elements of it out to her as she felt it.

the names "Dorothy and Mike" are embossed on the top, inside left the scroll contains the words of 1 Corinthians 13 which I read out at their wedding.the brass bookmark on the right has three hearts with the words "Love Never Fails" on it. In the centre are two wooden roses with the stems bound in a heart shape and a tag reading"Bound together in love".

On the back I added a greeting tag that said " We pray that today marks the beginning of a long and happy marriage where you both together with Mikey will be bound together in a love that is unconditional and eternal, have a fabulous wedding day you both deserve it so much"

This has special significance for Do as we have only recently rekindled our relationship after years of hardly ever seeing one another. We are from a very disfunctional family in which both of us have found that the love is far from unconditional. We have both been marginalised by the family for very different reasons. But from each other we have found the unconditional love that should mark all families. Being involved in Do's life this past year and especially in her wedding plans has made me feel part of a wider family again which I have not known for years.

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