Sunday, 26 August 2007

a very special project for some very special friends.

hi friends.

I have been working on this project for a while now, (not least cos I've been nagging Graham to find the photo since May) It's a Silver wedding anniversary card commissioned by my friend Graham for him to give to his wife Sylvia.

For those crafters reading this, its a "Bookatrix" card so if you've not seen them before you can google that to find the tools.

There are many parts to this card so a few photos

It has three pages each one a little smaller than the one behind. the top page is made of vellum (Translucent paper)

on the left are silver bells with three hearts on them and down the middle is a rope plaited with three cords. and of course on the right is that lovely photo (What a handsome couple they are).

behind the bells on the left is a scroll with the verse from Ecclesiastes 5:12 " A cord of three strands is not quickly broken" this was chosen by Graham and is the reason for the three hearts and the three stranded plait. It signifies the strength of their union with one another and with The Lord.

Behind the photo is another scroll. This one is blank for his own message.

The oval at the front is not actually part of the card. Its part of the stand which I made for them to display it on.

The fourth picture shows the box in which the whole thing is presented.

I wish Both Graham and Sylvia richest blessings for their anniversary on the 4th September and many more years to celebrate ahead of them.


Susan said...

Hi your cards are pur "eye candy". Just a hint if you wash your cricut sticky back with warm soapy water and let them dry the sticky comes back..hope this helps..hugs Susan in Key West, Fl USA no web page..just email addy

Kazz said...

Thanks Susan, for you kind comments and for your tip on the mats, I have tried that and yes it does help, Some of my mats I have washed several times.

I'm just so pleased to know my new mats are on their way as we speak.

~SarahAnn~ said...

Wow, that is really beautiful!!

BTW, Thank you for visiting my blog :) I have added a link to your blog on mine, I hope that is OK :)