Tuesday, 28 August 2007

ch ch ch chip and Dale!!

oooh I do love my hubby!!

My birthday pressie arrived today and even though its not my birthday til 2 weeks on Friday Col said I can open it and play now!! so WOOOHOOOO I got all those lovely disney Characters to make for my cards !! Here is my very first one and of course it has to be Chip, and a thank you card for Col. its a blatant scraplift from a friend on the cricut message board who posted a similar card a few weeks ago. It was so cute I just had to do my own version of it!

ooh I'm so excited now but Im gonna be good and resist mickey, minnie, donald, daisy, pluto and goofy until my new cutting mats arrive (I hope they come soon)

hmmm why did that come out underlined and in blue? I havent a clue how I did that or how to undo that! -- the mysteries of blogging!!


Anonymous said...

chi[p and col how romatic lol thinks ure like vchristmas kazz ure counting the days till your bday hehe

Anonymous said...

Chip is so the best, i so want a chip card!!! but i know i wont now!!! :( :(

I think you should make more like this, however i think its wrong youve open your present early!!! tut tut tut. xxx

Kazz said...

ok so I know comment 2 was from Emm. but who was #1 from???

Anonymous said...

hehe kazz, u like a kid with a lollypop, but looks good , u so talented xx

Anonymous said...

awww kazz, they look great and happy birthday if i missed it hun i been away xxx

Samm said...

awwwww, this is sooo cute!!!